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The OneUps: Giving Game Music an Extra Life
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Kassi [userpic]

For Texas residents, check out The OneUps at Animix 2008 this weekend in Kileen, TX (suburb of Dallas). The OneUps will be playing on Saturday the 19th at 7:00 PM. Looks like the door price for a day will be $30.00. For the weekend, $45.00.

The OneUps will be playing some new music and will have new T-shirts and Volume One for sale.

The OneUps next major performance will be in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, which will also coincide with the release of their second album - a two disk set - which is currently completely recorded and off for production.

greg_kennedy [userpic]

Kassi [userpic]

The OneUps (clicky) are featured briefly in this video clip from the palestra dot com.

Kassi [userpic]

The OneUps will officially be playing at the Penny Arcade Expo which will be held in downtown Seattle, Washington on August 29 (Friday) - 31(Sunday). The Schedule of events is yet to be announced, but The OneUps should be playing at least one show most likely on Saturday night. Not only will they be playing an entirely new set of music, this will also be the venue of the release of their new album The OneUps Volume Two which will include two disks. Recording for this album is set to start on Sunday, May 25th.

An article about PAX which briefly mentions The OneUps.

Kassi [userpic]

Vote for The OneUps in the Nama awards

Show dates currently scheduled:

Friday, May 23 at The Old Post Office in Fayetteville, AR
Saturday, May 24 at the Boom Boom Room in Fayetteville, AR
June 7 at the Annual OUS BBQ in Fayetteville, AR
June 27 & June 28 at Colossal Con 2008 in Beachwood (Cleveland), Ohio
July 12 at the Boom Boom Room in Fayetteville, AR
July 19 at AniMix 2008 in Kileen, TX

Kassi [userpic]

Ikkicon was a success. The band had a safe trip there and back and many thanks goes out to the convention for hosting them.

Information leak one: The money made from Ikkicon was put into the OneUp's account to finance an upcoming CD.
Information leak two: The date for the anual OUS BBQ is currently being set. Looks like it's going to fall on June 7.

Next convention schedule is Animix2008 in Kileen, TX. The OneUps will be playing at this convention on July 19th at 7 PM.

greg_kennedy [userpic]

February, 9 2008 at Ikkicon 2008
6505 IH-35 North (DoubleTree Hotel), Austin, Texas 78752
Cost : $40.00 (could be lower at the door for a day pass - $20 for just Saturday)

Come see The OneUps perform at Ikkicon 2008 on Saturday nite! Check out http://www.ikkicon.com/ for more information. SHOW TIME NOT CERTAIN!

Kassi [userpic]

OneUps Interview on MSNBC.

Kassi [userpic]

The OneUps have a show coming up in Fayetteville, AR at the Boom Boom room on Friday, October 19th at 10:00 PM.

Kassi [userpic]

Catch The OneUps tonight at the Boom Boom Room in Fayetteville at 10:00PM - 12:00AM.

Dale North's gallery of The OneUps from PAX


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